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The caramel bars are favorite and preferred dessert in many countries all over the world. The combination between delicious nuts, seeds, dried fruits and caramel amber is uniquely delicious and advantageous. Therefore, our chefs created “Peanut bar” - incredible mixture of caramel and crunchy delicious peanuts. Peanuts have been preferred food of man from ancient times. The first findings of a peanut dates back 7600 years. The product is rich of vitamins B, especially B1, B3 and B9. Peanuts are excellent source of the minerals iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and zinc. The ingredients of peanuts include the natural antioxidant - resveratrol contained in red grapes and wine. It is in the basis of so famous “French Paradox” (the French consume high-calorie food and lots of red wine and yet the incidence rate of heart disease is lower than in many other countries).
nutrition caramel bar peanuts

Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, glucose. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
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